Purification Process

The first step in our process begins with a very good source of water. According to the Maya tradition, the Maya god Chaac produces rain. In Belize we call it “Sky Juice”. Water from the sky is filtered through the earth itself. We draw it from our high quality private well.

From there, we begin with three stages of graduated filtration. This removes all but the smallest particles from the already good well water. Ruben Riveroll explains that automatic timers reverse flush the filters at night, keeping them clean.

Reverse Osmosis

A high power pump forces much cleaner water to cross the Reverse Osmosis membranes. This process is relatively slow, so it goes on anytime the level in the storage tanks falls below a certain level. Automatic floats signal when more water is needed.


When the water is actually needed to fill jugs or bottles, it goes through final filters and then sanitizing using ultraviolet light and ozone.

Recycling and Filling

To recycle jugs, we spray them with an iodine disinfectant, then rinse them well with purified water.

They are then filled, and a shrink-wrap is applied and dated. Purified water should be used within 30 days. One of the advantages of Sky Juice is that you know the water is sold to you freshly purified. For others, you may not know how long the jug has been sitting in a warehouse, store, or rack somewhere.

Our Logo, Maya, and the Dream

Our logo is meant to remind local Maya of their heritage, and to encourage respect for the Maya culture from tourists and others.

Sky Juice is Ruben’s long-term dream of making the highest quality water available to local people for a very reasonable cost.

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